Be street smart – Ability to judge people

street smart

Being book smart will only get you so far in life, however being street smart will not only enable you to apply the theories you have learnt to everyday life, but it will also give you the knowledge on how to tackle novel situations.

Being mindful of the situation

Being street smart gives you the ability to be aware of your surroundings and the people in it. It also causes you to trust your instincts more than trusting something that you read in a book. For example, if you find a service that claims to offer the best fusion health has to offer, being street smart will allow you to judge whether the service is trying to trick you or not. Being street smart gives you the ability to judge people and situations, which is something you might not be able to learn by reading books.

A book worm

There is nothing wrong with studying or even studying a lot as long as you know how to have a balanced life. It is important that you do not become a book worm, because being a book worm means that all you do is study and while studying will get you far in life, only focusing on your education might cause you to miss out on life. Therefore, it is vital that you have a balance between your social life and your academics. Studying too hard can also cause you to have a break down somewhere down the line, as the pressure and stress might get too much for you to handle. However, having a break from your books will enable you to get the clarity you need, which will prevent you from having a break down and it will also give you the chance to enjoy yourself more.

create yourself

Finding yourself

Being book smart will not give you the opportunity to find yourself, however, being street smart will. Being street smart enables you to think on your feet and react to uncertain situation without preparation. Thinking on your feet will allow any hidden talents and traits that you did not know you had to come out. However, being book smart will not allow you to think on your feet as you will be more likely to follow a set of instructions instead of trying to think for yourself. Being street smarts also allows you to become a more independent person than if you were book smart as you will be more likely to depend on yourself and your abilities especially  when you are placed in unpleasant situations.